Piliwix light board-5 Bulb



Piliwix light board-5 Bulb consists of lengths of pipes, elbows, crosses and tees that can easily stick on the wall. Each part has lamp-holders connected that point in different directions. The complete unit is delivered ready to connect to the wall by two cast flange mounts. A wiring point is required at the left-hand mounting flange whilst the other flange is a mount point only.

This board has a pressure gauge unit that is just for decorative purposes. Where possible add an antique finish to match the rustic nature if the pipework. Pictured here is painted brass with antique brass lamp holders, and black with bronze lamp holders.

This light fitting consists of a total of 5 x E27 lamp holders with 2 wall mounting points. It sits 55mm from the center of the lamp holder to the wall so the bulbs should not exceed 60mm in diameter or 25 Watts power rating. This is a unique design made by hand to order in our workshop. Precision components combined with exacting assembly make this a robust light fitting suited to commercial applications.



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