Piliwix Chandelier – 8 Bulbs


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Piliwix Chandelier – 8 Bulbs. This heavyweight chandelier can be used to light up a large dining table, a boardroom table or be used as a ceiling light feature in a foyer or entrance. It comes with 8 lamp holders in a crossed balanced design. It is made from two sizes of plumbing pipe using threaded and hex key fittings by Drawix experts. Secures to the ceiling via the main pipe and cast flange which is the wiring point. The standard overall height is 815mm but is configurable to any height, with a minimum of 715mm. This would put bulbs close to the ceiling, however.
The scale of this chandelier is likely to be difficult to make use of in standard domestic situations unless ceiling heights are appropriate. It would be perfect if you live in a warehouse with lofty ceilings or a castle perhaps. This chandelier can also be used with glass shades or metal shades.Available in Galvanised, Rusted or Carbon Black.


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