Drawix | Different Architecture Inspired By Innovation.

Drawix designs to inspire people and constructions on different innovative solutions by combining architecture, engineering, experience and many other related design services as a full-service firm. Innovative solutions that last longer than style or trend.
We believe that Innovative architecture and design must inspire us, motivate us and allow us to feel a new world. Drawix motivated by the curiosity to investigate how that innovation can inspire across projects, places and people.Collaboration is also at the heart of what Drawix can do. This collaboration helps us to approach projects from all viewpoint that balance the needs of the projects with the needs of the clients.


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Architectural Engineering

Drawix leverages its past experience through the use of data and predictive analytics to provide resilient solutions and drive design decisions early in the project delivery process. Drawix believes that its engineers are able to adapt rapidly to the unique challenges of a variety of market sectors and building types By providing well-informed custom design solutions for clients.Drawix industry-leading architects design highly integrated facilities where every aspect is carefully conceived to provide the desired experience within the built environment, perform reliably and efficiently support the anticipated outcomes.



Clients are provided with tangible, modern and memorable expressions of their organization’s brand by our specialists in brand strategy, graphic design and communications.Drawix begins by identifying the important insights that make a company unique and then develop compelling visuals and clear communications that distinguish it from a sea of sameness while rising a sense of ownership by clients, partners and stakeholders.

Drawix works to make sure that all aspects of a company ’s brand identity — its brand promise, logo mark, messaging, online presence, environmental graphics, physical environment and natural environment — are an extension of its brand values and are used effectively to introduce and build the business.

Data-Driven Design

Formal exploration, high-performance design, planning excellence and technical execution are integrated and optimized in Drawix by special emerging methodology uses computational design to connect the built environment to predictive analytics and operational design.Drawix combines the art of iterative design and the science of complex analysis with the efficiency of automated workflows.Drawix is able to consistently discover novel designs and delivers highly integrated solutions by connecting its traditional consulting services to the built environment, and leveraging its expertise in design, strategy, research and analytics.

Experience Design

With a variety of technological, operational and spatial considerations, Drawix weaves thoughtful user interactions executed across multiple integrated channels.Drawix begins by understanding and often reframing, the problem to go beyond obvious solutions.By using tools like ethnography, the study of analogous industries, journey mapping and rapid prototyping, Drawix connects companies to the broader context of those they serve. Drawix identifies opportunities for critical touch points that connect a company to its customers, both intellectually and emotionally.In the end, Drawix tries to partner with clients to craft meaningful and memorable experiences.

Infrastructure Design

Drawix leverages the latest technologies to create innovative solutions to improve functions, long-term value and greater resiliency.Drawix multidisciplinary teams collaborate to design critical civil infrastructure to enable, sustain and enhance communities and commercial services in the same modern way.


For creating interior environments that support a company’s mission and elevate the user’s experience, Drawix applies a comprehensive cross-disciplinary design process and studio approach as specific innovative methods.To Increasing important role of technology with the need to create sustainable, humanistic and comfortable spaces will balance with our experienced interior designers.

Whether Drawix designs a start-up corporate office or a 1000-bed acute care facility Drawix knows that the most ambitious goals are achieved by paying attention to the smallest details.

Landscape & Site Design

Drawix landscape and site designs are holistically linked to the building envelope and engineering systems as a fully integrated architecture firm.Drawix begins with visioning sessions that establish high-level achievements for what the design requires to achieve, and then develop a language for spatial quality that responds to user needs.Drawix considers interior and exterior as well as public and private connections that are vital for creating inviting active sites.For elevating the expression of the natural environment that relates to the entire project context, Drawix focuses on the human dimension of design.

Lighting Design

Our lighting specialists in Drawix at the forefront of emerging technologies and daylighting strategies by understanding both the art and science of illumination, oftentimes writing design manuals and standards for our clients.

By improving visual performance, supporting visual comfort, and engaging occupants, Drawix lighting team gives form and character to spaces. Drawix works to fully integrate lighting with architecture, creating dynamic and exciting spaces across all construction types and environments.



we believe that Great constructions that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case, they are unique,

poetic, products of the heart.RENOVATIO has defined for the new revolution in the construction industry

as a general philosophy for our future construction. RENOVATIO is an especial fluid form concept as the path for

liberating geometry in architecting of construction. Revolutionary designs ,materials & life.

We are ready for design a new galaxy!



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